Not so Fast

Not So fast

Not So Fast

Hurry, we need to get there before everyone else!
If we wait too long, it will all be gone!
Not so fast.

We need to follow the leader!
He knows where he is going!
Not so fast.

We need to fly as high as we can!
Birds are meant to touch the sky!
Not so fast.

Is “Not so fast” all you can say?
I can say take things slow. Consider the best course. Follow your own heart.
There is lots of wonders near the ground. Enjoy today, right here, right now,
or fly as high as you can reach, as fast as your wings can take you,
or as far as you have dreamed.

Michael Corob 7/6/2014

This is one of the story paintings that I will include in my upcoming book, Story Paintings Joining Hearts. I am in the process of selecting 18 sets of stories and paintings from over 60 that I have created since 2007, when I published my last set.

The following is my first draft of the introduction to the book. Your comments, either in comments section, or via e-mail at, are appreciated.

Hurry, we need to get there before everyone else!
If we wait too long, it will all be gone!
Not so fast.

We need to follow the leader!
He knows where he is going!
Not so fast.

We need to fly as high as we can!
Birds are meant to touch the sky!
Not so fast.

As the story continues, the young bird realizes and expresses that there is plenty for everyone, that he can set his own course, and that he can reach as high or as low as he desires.
The caring grandfather reading the story- painting with his granddaughter discusses the bird’s challenges. The child imagines what it would be like to be the bird, and shares how she would be afraid of the other birds. The grandfather remembers a time when he resisted following the leader, then tells the story and what he learned from the experience. The activity becomes a happy conversation, and two hearts are joined. When the 20 minute experience is over, both the child and the grandparent will have gained new insight, and will leave with a more positive outlook.

This is the power of a story and a kind storyteller.
This book is a full of stories, images and suggestions for enthusiastic, but not so confident older story tellers to use to help young people with challenges to appreciate nature, to develop self-esteem and to gain confidence in creative expression.
Welcome to Story Paintings Joining Hearts.

I am sure that you will enjoy the adventure.

Michael Corob



In my quest to understand beauty, I was reminded of the quote expressing that beauty is very subjective and determined by the response from the viewer. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” I feel that beauty is a living, breathing growing thing. Here is my poem that expresses this. I paired it with a close up photo of a freesia flower that bloomed in my garden. Many people have responded, “Oh, how beautiful” when they viewed the simple print.

Beauty is spark that leaps from the soul of the creator,
See it.
an idea formed in the mind of the artist,
Conceive it.
a shape molded in the hands of the craftsman,
Refine it.
a gift expressed from the heart of the giver,
Share it.
and a treasure beheld in the eyes of the receiver.
Love it.

Fresia best

The Orange Tree and the Giver

orange series 2a better
Here is a story that I am making into a Toastmasters speech.

The Orange Tree and the Giver
“Pick me, Pick me,” called the oranges on my neighbor’s tree.
Bigger than softballs, more orange than a frozen Creamsicle, they were tempting.
What if someone sees me, what if I ask and he says no, and views me as a beggar?
I remembered two famous quotes, “Tis better to give than to receive”, and
\“Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”
They seemed like they were from wise people. What should I do?
They called again to remind me how sweet real orange tree oranges are.

I knocked on the door, then waited, then rang the doorbell.
An elderly man, thin, white, old, maybe 80,
stared at me with a look that demanded , “What do you want?”
“Mmmy name is Mike, and I live around the corner from you” I stammered,
“and I am wondering if I can have two of the beautiful oranges on your tree?”
He thought for a moment, then looked me over, then responded with a half smile,
“Sure, help yourself.”
I ran home for a bag, eager to pick off my reward.
I picked half a dozen, some high, some low, a few with leaves attached,
so I could paint pictures to honor them and honor the giver.
I painted pictures of them with little birds flying around them, admiring their beauty.
I made a thank you card and left it for him, and hope to see him again.

So here I am, happy with my oranges, happy to help someone be generous,
and happy to share the man’s wealth with you in words and images
and slices from oranges bigger  than softballs,
and sweeter than frozen Creamsicles.

Great Beginning

swallows and pink buds

I am happy to start the new year off by creating a blog for my stories and paintings. I look forward to learning about how to best use this tool to share. Please be patient with me. Your comments are always appreciated.

Here is my first poem; In Balance

In Balance
Cherry blossoms flutter in the wind,
and young swallows fly in graceful circles around them.
I wonder why.
Why are the blossoms so delicate and pretty,
and why do the swallows choose this route?

Maybe the swallows enjoy touching the pink flowers
and find pleasure in making patterns in the air.
Maybe cherry blossoms are nature’s fireworks:
reminders of how much beauty is in the present moment.

The little swallows in my painting
seem to move quickly around and off the page
while the blossoms float gracefully in the breeze.

Maybe that is the balance:
being fully alive and in motion
while remaining present to the wonders
of where we are right here and now.