Great Beginning

swallows and pink buds

I am happy to start the new year off by creating a blog for my stories and paintings. I look forward to learning about how to best use this tool to share. Please be patient with me. Your comments are always appreciated.

Here is my first poem; In Balance

In Balance
Cherry blossoms flutter in the wind,
and young swallows fly in graceful circles around them.
I wonder why.
Why are the blossoms so delicate and pretty,
and why do the swallows choose this route?

Maybe the swallows enjoy touching the pink flowers
and find pleasure in making patterns in the air.
Maybe cherry blossoms are nature’s fireworks:
reminders of how much beauty is in the present moment.

The little swallows in my painting
seem to move quickly around and off the page
while the blossoms float gracefully in the breeze.

Maybe that is the balance:
being fully alive and in motion
while remaining present to the wonders
of where we are right here and now.



2 thoughts on “Great Beginning

  1. Nathan Ohren January 5, 2015 / 5:09 pm

    This indeed is a great beginning, Michael. I especially appreciate the sentiment of mindfulness “remaining present to the wonders…” which you allude to in various ways throughout the poem/post. This is certainly one of the things I enjoy about journal-writing also, an attentiveness and self-care for what is happening right here and now. I am also looking forward to more!


    • michaelcorob February 29, 2016 / 2:47 am

      Thank you Nathan. I like this simple image so much that I printed it on my business card, a reminder for me, and those that I share it with to remain open to the present wonders and to aim to stay in balance.


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