Cascading Fountain

fountain to print

Cascading Fountain

We are fish asleep at the dull murky ocean bottom,
and are disturbed by a horrible something!
A strong force pushes us upward.
Instinctively we flip our fins above us for protection.
Now we are completely out of the water, how terrifying!
Accepting and adapting to the change,
we take a deep breath of air,
and we are transformed.
We are human, curled up in a ball in a shell.
We feel the solid bottom of the shell, and pull ourselves up to stand tall.
We see a golden fruit above us, and we reach for it.
Rather than pulling it down,
we find that we must hold it up.
It is heavy, and water cascades on our face and shoulders blurs our vision.
Through the shower we see that the water
comes out of the top of the fruit.
It is beautiful.
We realize that that this water moves through us,
that we are part of a vessel for a greater force,
the same one that disturbed our sleep.
Our load is lightened, and a pleasure to hold,
and we are transformed.
Understanding and living our purpose, we are birds,
model beings inspiring others by our graceful flight.

Michael Corob 4/8/2015


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