360 Degrees

I made this ink painting yesterday as a demonstration for the grand opening of the Valley Art Gallery, Even before I finished it, someone asked me if they could purchase it from me. Of course I said yes. It was a great day for the gallery: at least 70 visitors. and most of them were in the gallery for the first time, We hope they come back again with friends!

I posted the image and comment on Facebook last night, and within hours, I had 13 likes and 2 comment. This made me feel good, and inspired me to write this poem.

360 Degrees pic

360 Degrees

“Follow me for a lesson.” commanded the mother swallow.
Her children were happy to comply.
They knew that follow the leader with Mother
lead to fun adventures and new ideas.
Mother swooped down and around a potted plant.
“Try to find the best angle to see beauty.” she suggested.
Her youngest son followed her mother’s movements,
careful to fly where she flew and to look where she looked.
“This angle is the best,” he declared. “Everything is beautiful.”
Her older child followed his mother’s path, but flew upside down.
“The world looks amazing this way,” he said.
“This has to be the best angle.”
“You are both right,” Mother explained.
“In fact, it would not matter which angle you look,
If you look for beauty in the world,
you will find it where ever you look.”
Her sons flew 360 degrees again, turning, smiling, and laughing.
Mother was happy that they had learned the lesson:
seeing beauty is a state of mind, not a treasure to find.
Michael Corob


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