We Are



the perfect place

Since we were married in 1981, every year Carrie and I have sent a holiday card with an image  of my art to family and close friends. Since our children were small, every year we sent a holiday letter sharing the changes, passions and highlights of each member. This year we decided to share  our ideas in a poem matched to my image, which is an ink and pastel painting. We hoped that readers could see us, and see themselves. Several people have told us that the words touched something in them, or that they cried when they read the poem.

That makes us happy. Time will tell if we go back to writing letters.

We Are

We are the green bird,
flying gentle circles through yearly celebrations and milestones,                                         peaceful in the lush greenery in our community.                                                                               We are the blue bird, happy to watch our pair of feline flowers open,                                         then retreat to nap on our laps, then open again.We are the vase,                                                  glowing with pride for our two wonderful independent daughters,                                           passionately finding their place in the world.

We are the leaves,                                                                                                                             working hard, doing our jobs, turning sunlight into energy to help flowers grow.                         We are the flowers, blooming gracefully,                                                                                         aware of God’s beauty unfolding naturally through us.

We are the artist,                                                                                                                           responding with joy to the beauty around us through song, words and art.                                     We are the pastel colors,                                                                                                                     gently blending the cooler hues of middle age into a happy inner glow.
We are the painting,                                                                                                                      balancing all aspects our lives in harmony as well as we can.

We are the giver of gifts,                                                                                                                  finding satisfaction in knowing we have helped others to be happy.                                               We are the dreamers,                                                                                                                hoping that you too find peace, joy and love in your life                                                                 through the holidays and in the coming year.

Michael Corob 12/27/2015


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