The Garden of Eden




Garden of Eden Chair

I painted a chair for a fundraiser for the Friends of the Santa Maria library. Participants were asked to paint an image from a book or a story. My favorite story is the Garden of Eden section of the bible.  In 2000 I wrote the first version of how I imagine that the story could have been. In the next few weeks I will post images and stories about Adam and Eve and other trees in and around the garden.

From  “….and God Cheered, a Creation Story” C 2000, Michael Corob

God realized that taking care of the planet and all of his creations would be a big job, so he made a special animal to help him. God spent a long time giving the new animal all the features and qualities that it would need, including a compassionate heart and a strong mind. He named him Adam, which means “first helper”. God was happy with his newest creation and he cheered.

Although Adam worked hard tending to the crops and the animals, he soon tired. The morning after he was created he came to God and asked, “Hey big guy, how about giving me some help down here. I didn’t know it was going to be such a tough job.”

God created Eve to be Adam’s partner. God was content with his creations and he rested comfortably. He saw that Adam and Eve worked hard, and he thought that they deserved a nice place to rest too, so he made the Garden of Eden for them. God was happy, and he cheered.

God placed all of his nicest creations in the garden: lush trees for shade and food, brightly colored flowers for decoration, a cool river to drink from and to play in, and singing birds and dancing fish for entertainment. Adam and Eve loved their new play land, and they sang songs of praise and thanks to God daily.

The couple spent nearly all of their time dancing and playing in the garden, and God worried that they would neglect the work that he had planned for them. He wondered if making the garden was such a good idea after all. He loved his children, but he knew that they needed to leave the garden if they were going to help him.

He came up with a plan to get his children to leave the garden without punishing them, and he asked Serpent for assistance. Serpent was reluctant to do anything for anyone, but when God told him that it would mean that there would be more fruit for him with the Adam and Eve out of the garden, he agreed.

God told Adam and Eve that they could eat from any tree except for the one in the center of the garden, and if they ate the fruit on that tree that they would have to leave the garden. They knew that eating the fruit was wrong, but seeing the beautiful red apples was tempting. They saw Serpent pick one and take a bite without God punishing it, so when the snake offered an apple to them, their resistance was easily broken.

When God saw that Adam and Even had eaten the apple, he told them that they would have to leave the garden.  Before they left, God gave his children a handful of fruit tree seeds. He lovingly explained to them that life outside the garden would be hard at first, but that he would be everywhere to guide them. He instructed them to plant the seeds wherever they went, tend to the trees that grew, and be kind to every living thing. He promised that if he did this that they would have all the riches of the garden wherever they went. God reminded them that that no matter where they were or what they did that he would always love them and be with them.

Adam and Eve waved good by to God and to the animals in the garden. They followed God’s advice, planting trees where ever they went, and being kind to living things. They spoke to God often, and soon were blessed with many children. As promised, the trees grew great crops…. and God Cheered.