The Glow

The Glow 1

In honor of our 35th wedding anniversary, I gave Carrie a vase of garden flowers. As is our custom, I painted an image of it and printed it on a card for her. Inside the card was this poem.

The Cala Lily was the first to notice it.
There was something unusual about shape of the swallows.
The Geraniums thought that they were a special breed
that had colored markings.
The Lilacs thought that the glow
surrounded them like a fresh scent.
The Rose knew what it was: Love.
“The birds have been together for a long time,
and love each other very much.
Their glow grows deeper and richer,
and makes them happy and strong.”
The other flowers nodded
and wished that they were birds.
The swallows smiled at each other, and for a moment,
imagined that the flowers were looking at them.
They laughed, then said at the same time,
“We still have the glow!”